Kaante (2002) BRRip

Genre: Action | Crime | Drama

or about 12May00,a truck gets stolenin Los Angeles, andthe Police
bring in six men of South Asian origin for questioning. They are:
Yashvardhan Rampal, known as ‘Major’ educated intelligent, unemployed,
with an ailing wife who longs to return to India; Non-English speaking
Jay Rehan, otherwise known as ‘Ajju’, a foul-mouthed, trigger-happy
gangster; A out-of-work former nightclub bouncer, Marc Issak, whose
girlfriend, Lisa, is a bar dancer, and who is known to get into fights
due to his uncontrollable temper; A drug deal, Raj Yadav, otherwise
known as Bali, foul-mouthed, womanizer, stutterer, and alcoholic; Bali’s
sidekick, Maqbool Haider, otherwise known as Mac; White-collared Anand
Mathur, alias Andy,recently separated from hiswife, Renu, and longing
to get back together with his son, who he cannot get custody of due to
financial problems. The six confer in a cell, cite woes that even though
the Italians have their Mafia, the Colombians have their Cartels, but
the East ..


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