Love Crime (2010) BRRip
Genre : Crime | Mystery | Thriller – 18 August 2010 (France)
Language : France
Subtitle :

STORY The final film from director AlainCorneau, Love Crime pits the fiery talents of Ludivine Sagnier andOscar-nominee Kristin Scott Thomas against each other in a deliciouslytwisted tale of office politics that turn, literally, cut-throat. WhenChristine, a powerful executive (Scott Thomas), brings on a naive youngingenue, Isabelle (Sagnier), as her assistant, she delights in toyingwith her naivete and teaching her hard lessons in a ruthlessprofessional philosophy. But when the protege’s ideas become temptingenough for Christine to pass one as her own, she underestimatesIsabelle’s ambition and cunning- and the ground is set for all out war.In this devilish, propulsive thriller, Corneau sets up the sceneryexpertly and his actors devour it.


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